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Without proper mastering, all the time you spend on production and mixing is wasted. We'll get your tracks sounding right, so that potential fans, clients and labels will know you mean business and your tracks are ready for distribution.

We offer various mastering packages to suit every type of client. Single tracks, EPs, Albums and even Game Audio Mastering. 

Working from our custom built mastering studio just outside London, we use the best analogue and digital tools to get your music ready for streaming, CD or Vinyl release. With full-range monitoring, we can hear what you can't...and that matters! 

Not sure? Send me a track to master and i'll send you a mastered section back... free.


Why choose Mixdown Mastering - You can talk to us and we can decide what's best for your material. This isn't an automated service... it's 1000% better than using an AI mastering service or Ozone - which although can work in some cases, it's just not good enough for professional use if you want you track to sound it's absolute best.

Why should i get my track mastered? - Mastering means your track will sound consistent across a range of playback devices.... it also means a second opinion on your mix, and that's a big part of mastering. Knowing your studio is one thing, but getting a professional sound that sounds good everywhere means mastering. 

What genres do you prefer? - Honestly? I'm into pretty much everything! Some days i'm working on a trap album in the morning and a rock album in the afternoon... music is music and as long as you keep up with what's happening in the various genres, you can always stay relevant as a mastering engineer. 

Can i get a free test-master? - Yes, drop us an email and we'll master a section of your song and send it back so you can see the difference.

Email here:

Head to the BOOK SERVICES page to book your mastering or mixing today.

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