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I've mixed countless singles and albums, the majority of which have received airplay Worldwide.    I often mix on SSL when the project demands it, but i get more consistent results from my own hybrid mixing set-up in my own studio. In the last 48 months i have mixed four BBC Radio Two 'Singles Of The Week' and one 'Album Of The Week' right here.


I began mastering after doing a last minute master that my usual mastering engineer didn't have time to do. It ended up getting worldwide radio play and continues to do so. I realised that with some careful adjustments to my working practices, i could adjust my skills to mastering, mostly thanks to sitting in mastering sessions for over 25 years. I use a combination of hardware and software to achieve the results that are still winning new customers every day. Hardware includes the Gainlab Dictator Mastering Compressor and the HandCrafted Audio Thermos Mastering EQ.  I have mastered several charting albums in the last few years and lots of tracks for various producers and labels who have come to trust my ears as much as i do.

Not sure? Send me a track to master and i'll send you a mastered section back... free.


Why don't you have racks and racks of analogue gear? - I use a hybrid set-up with a few choice pieces of analogue equipment such as the Gainlab Dictator VariMu Compressor and various analogue EQs.  I often get the best results using a digital workflow. Trust your ears, not your eyes. 

Why should i get my track mastered? - Mastering means your track will sound consistent across a range of playback devices.... it also means a second opinion on your mix, and that's a big part of mastering. Knowing your studio is one thing, but getting a professional sound that sounds good everywhere means mastering. 

Can i get a free test-master? - Yes, drop us an email and we'll master a section of your song and send it back so you can see the difference.

Email here:

Head to the BOOK SERVICES page to book your mastering or mixing today.

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