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CENZO debuted in 2021 with the album ESCAPISM.  A mix of EDM, Progressive House and Ambient genres. It was a slightly tongue-in-cheek nod to the tunes of the early 90s.  May 2022 saw the release of SURVIVAL MODE, a much more introspective album with a storyline that flows from beginning to end. Fusing relaxed beats and samples from all over the place, CENZO has sculpted a unique sound on SURVIVAL MODE that struggles to be categorized easily.  Teases and Dares Blog wrote: "When we spun the album for the first time ‘Touch The Water’ was the track which really hit us. We love those spoken word samples and the 60s Bond-esque instrumentation – definitely for fans of The Avalanches’ classic debut album – think ‘Frontier Psychiatrist’ with a sunny trip hoppy vibe layered on top. See also ‘Make You Mine’ which has a woozy, hazy disco feel to it (has a gorgeous outro too). There’s much to enjoy here."


Since the release of SURVIVAL MODE in May 2022, Track 2 from the album 'I Let You Down' has been racking up the numbers on Spotify after being playlisted all over the World.

Cenzo is in the studio working on album number 3.

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