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Mixdown Management is owned and run by Sean J Vincent. Originally a studio mixing & mastering engineer who later became a live engineer touring for many years all over the World with acts like Howard Jones, OMD, Tom Bailey, Andy Bell, 5IVE, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and many others...including Kim Wilde. Sean has been working with Kim since 2001 in various guises from studio and live engineer to video director.

In December 2016, Sean began managing Kim Wilde and started Mixdown Management.

In 2020, we began expanding our roster and working with new artists, such as Plastic Man and Cenzo.



What we do….


We’re more than your average management company. Yes, we do traditional artist management – organising your diary, dealing with labels, liaising with press and PR and getting you to where you want to be in your career – but we’re much more than that…

Booking Agent – We can book your gigs and tours. Either directly or through our Worldwide network of trusted agents and promoters. Booking, contracting and advancing – even supplying tour management and crew if necessary.

Social Media – We can manage and run your social media for you, targeting your fans and potential fans in a way that most major labels would struggle to keep up with.  Regular updates and constant supply of media to keep fans connected.

Image/Branding – Often, the difference between a luke-warm reception to a new album and having the press and fans clambering for more is down to the branding…  photo shoots, video shoots and all post production facilities are in-house. We pride ourselves on pushing a very cohesive ‘look’ to the world when you’re ready to launch…   Our music videos have racked up hundreds of thousands of views and been shown on TV all over the world. Our photography has been featured on magazine covers worldwide too.

Production – Recording, mixing and mastering. A lot of money can be wasted on  average production – we keep costs low by doing most of our productions in-house.  We’ve mixed records that have charted all over the world right here in our studio, including mastering too…

No-Bullshit Zone –34 years in the music business as a sound engineer, producer, live engineer – touring and working from the USA, to Russia, Japan and the Middle-East – we’ve been there and done it – and that means we can smell when something isn’t right.  Instincts go a long way in this business and we do our best to steer you through the maze.

Imagine all of this at your disposal…. That’s what Mixdown Management is all about. 

Since 2020, we have been delivering courses and training for people wanting to work in the music industry. We also have a custom built Mix and Mastering Studio in Hertfordshire.  In 2022 we started the successful YouTube Channel 'Studio Life'. 2024 sees the introduction of our consulting membership service. This is the magic key to moving up in the music industry. 

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