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Nothing lets down a great song more than a mediocre mix. Mixing is something that so many artists trust to

engineers who they either don't know or they don't understand the needs of a solid radio-friendly mix in 2022.

I've mixed countless singles and albums, the majority of which have received airplay Worldwide.   I've learned from the ground up, starting on SSL E and G Series consoles in the early 90s and then progressing onto Neve, classic old API desks, DDA and some weird digital consoles in the late 90s.  I often mix on SSL when the project demands it, but i get more consistent results from my own hybrid mixing set-up in my own studio. In the last 48 months i have mixed four BBC Radio Two 'Singles Of The Week' and one 'Album Of The Week' right here. 

I use a combination of Logic X, some very nice plug-ins and some of my personal favourite outboard to give my mixes an analogue flavour. I could talk for hours about my equipment choices, but i believe the equipment is very secondary to the skill in using it...

Send me your audio files via DropBox or YouSendIt and i'll mix it and then send you private SoundCloud links of the mixes for comments/approval. Once you're happy with the mix/mixes, i'll upload finished files back to dropbox.

How much does it cost? That depends on the client and the size of the mix...

An independent artist funding themselves will be in the region of £200 per track.

A signed artist with label support will be in the region of £350 per track.

This is remote mixing... so that means i mix in my own time - unattended. That's what keeps the costs down.

Here's another advantage you need to consider - When a radio plugger asks for a mix with louder vocals or a bigger chorus - i can fire up the mix and make the changes very quickly. That's vital in today's fast moving music business.

I look forward to mixing your tracks soon...

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